c a r e   i n s t r u c t i o n s

Everything we do is hand made and/or hand painted.  Any furniture or home accessories refinished, built and sold by Southern Pine Restorations, LLC are “as is”, with no warranties or recalls. Southern Pine Restorations, LLC can not be held liable for any loss, damages or injury resulting from products or services provided by Southern Pine Restorations, LLC. That being said, everything we make is made from wood, so if something gets scratched or damaged, please contact me and I will see what we can do to fix it.


To avoid cracks and splits in wood panels, keep the indoor humidity levels between 35% and 45%. All wood products will absorb and release moisture for a lifetime. Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight from windows or near other heat sources such as stoves or radiators. Never store furniture in an attic, basement, or in damp areas.

Avoid dusting with a dry or old cloth, as this may scratch the finish. Clean up spills immediately. Avoid polish that contains ammonia or silicon. Dust with a soft, damp cloth by following the wood grain.

Use a soft cloth (100% cotton, like an old t-shirt) if your furnishings or table top get soiled. Use mild dish soap and warm water to wipe clean and buff dry. Do NOT use ammonia, windex, pledge, or any strong cleaners. Magic erasers WILL strip the topcoat off painted or stained furniture.


All cutting boards are finished with the highest quality, food grade cutting board oil. For questions regarding nut allergies, we recommend doing research on wood toxicity levels. It is my understanding that very few woods are actually toxic in and of themselves, but what a great number of woods do have the potential to do is cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. This risk for finished wood projects is greatly lessened (but not eliminated) with the application of a food-safe finish. SOURCE

To prolong the life of the finish, only rinse with cool or lukewarm water and never wash in the dishwasher or use any chemicals on the board. Never soak your board in water and always allow plenty of time to dry before storing. We cannot replace a board that has been run through the dishwasher. Condition your board monthly with food grade cutting board oil. Do not apply any other oil other than mineral oil or cutting board oil. Olive oil and other oils will go rancid if applied to a cutting board.